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Popular Questions

See our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about SMM panels.

Partial Status is when we partially refund the remains of an order. Sometimes for some reasons we are unable to deliver a full order, so we refund you the remaining undelivered amount. Example: You bought an order with quantity 10 000 and charges 10$, let's say we delivered 9 000 and the remaining 1 000 we couldn't deliver, then we will "Partial" the order and refund you the remaining 1 000 (1$ in this example).

Drip Feed is a service that we are offering so you would be able to put the same order multiple times automatically. Example: let's say you want to get 1000 likes on your IG Post but you want to get 100 likes each 30 minutes, you will put Link: Your Post Link Quantity: 100 Runs: 10 (as you want to run this order 10 times, if you want to get 2000 likes, you will run it 20 times, etc…) Interval: 30 (because you want to get 100 likes on your post each 30 minutes, if you want each hour, you will put 60 because the time is in minutes) P.S: Never order more quantity than the maximum which is written on the service name (Quantity x Runs), Example if the service's max is 4000, you don’t put Quantity: 500 and Run: 10, because total quantity will be 500x10 = 5000 which is bigger than the service max (4000). Also never put the Interval below the actual start time (some services need 60 minutes to start, don’t put Interval less than the service start time or it will cause a fail in your order).

You put the service ID followed by | followed by the link followed by | followed by quantity on each line To get the service ID of a service please check here: Let’s say you want to use the Mass Order to add IG Followers to your 3 accounts: abcd, asdf, qwer From the Services List @, the service ID for this service “IG Followers [15K] [REAL] ⚡️💧⭐” is 102 Let’s say you want to add 1000 followers for each account, the output will be like this: ID|Link|Quantity or in this example: 102|abcd|1000 102|asdf|1000 102|qwer|1000

To get a panel like ours, please check to rent a panel, and then you can connect to us via API easily!

We do not offer any discount, the prices that you see are the prices that you get!

Drip Feed doesn't work with neither "Mass Order" nor API.

Find the timestamp that is located next to your username above your comment (for example: "3 days ago") and hover over it then right click and "Copy Link Address". The link will be something like this: instead of just To be sure that you got the correct link, paste it in your browser's address bar and you will see that the comment is now the first one below the video and it says "Highlighted comment".

The one that has "Monetized" in its service' name.

IG Mention is when you mention someone on IG (example @abcde this means you have mentioned abcde under this post and abcde will receive a notification to check the post). Basically the IG Mentions [User Followers], you put the link of your post, and the username of the person that you want us to mention HIS FOLLOWERS!

Impression means reach (also how many users have seen your post) it is mostly used with brands, they will ask you to show them statistic of the impressions your posts have.

After he goes live, or just 5 second before he goes!

IG Saves is when a user saves a post to his history on IG (by pressing the save button near the like button). A lot of saves for a post increase its impression.